The Ubuntu store allows you to publish snaps in multiple release channels.

Available release channels

There are four channels available for your snaps, note that the same revision of a snap can be published into several channels at once.


Stable is what most users will consume and as the name suggests, should be your most polished, stable and tested versions. Snaps in this channel appear in user searches.


Candidate is used to vet uploads that should require no further code changes before moving to stable.


Beta is used to provide preview releases of tested changes.


Edge is for your most recent changes, probably untested and with no guarantees attached.

Confinement and grade

In your snapcraft.yaml, you can declare the development status of your snap with the grade keyword and its required confinement with the confinement one.

Depending on these, your snap can be restricted to certain channels.

  confinement: strict confinement: devmode
grade: stable all channels beta and edge only
grade: devel beta and edge only beta and edge only