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You're Captain Vu of the 'Ungulate Tub'. A lightweight transport ship, lost in space.

Most of the ship's critical functions are failing. You're left with one command system, mapped to the space key, to control repair systems, weapons, and recharge shields then eventually jump to light speed. You're being chased by the Luchranix marauders, who must be destroyed for you and your squad to survive!

Protect the ship, save the crew, crush the enemies, and hopefully light-jump home!


In the game use the space key to charge up your control, and let go in a quadrant to repair / replenish that part of the ship. Tap the space key to fire.


Prototype (i.e. unfinished) game made in BlitzMax-NG for Ubuntu Voltage. This was made for a "game jam", so is missing major components. See for details. Unfinished means the following major things:

  • Contains placeholder graphics
  • Game hasn't been fully playtested
  • Aliens don't fire back
  • No sound effects
  • Game isn't balanced

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14 June 2021

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