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Offline neural machine translation app

Engilish↔French translation packaged with application with more translations available for download.

Open source offline translation app written in Python. Uses OpenNMT for translations, SentencePiece for tokenization, Stanza for sentence boundary detection, and PyQt for GUI. Designed to be used either as a GUI application, or as a Python library.

Argos Translate supports installing model files which are a zip archive with an ".argosmodel" extension that contain an OpenNMT CTranslate model, a SentencePiece tokenization model, a Stanza tokenizer model for sentence boundary detection, and metadata about the model. Pretrained models can be downloaded here ( To install a model click "Manage packages" from the toolbar in the GUI and select your model file. By default models are stored in ~/.argos-translate, this can be changed in or by setting the value of the $ARGOS_TRANSLATE_PACKAGES_DIR environment variable. When running from a snap package models can be pre-packaged with the snap package or installed after installation to $SNAP_USER_DATA.

Argos Translate also manages automatically pivoting through intermediate languages to translate between languages that don't have a direct translation between them installed. For example, if you have a es -> en and en -> fr translation installed you are able to translate from es -> fr as if you had that translation installed. This allows for translating between a wide variety of languages at the cost of some loss of translation quality.

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17 October 2020

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