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by Stefan Glasenhardt (glasen)

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AusweisApp2-CE - Tool for the german nPA (Community Edition)

The AusweisApp2 (since November 2014 successor of the AusweisApp) is a free application software for the PC to use electronic authentication via the Internet with the new German identity card and the electronic residence permit or their online identification function. This makes it possible for citizens in Germany to identify themselves easily and securely on the Internet - for example, to deal with administrative formalities online.

The software establishes an encrypted connection between the identity card or the electronic residence permit, the card reader and the eID server on the other side. The IDApp2 serves to securely perform the procedure of certificate and authenticity checks and to offer the citizen an interface for using the online ID function.

Important notice:

The snap delivers the pcsc-lite card-daemon and needs access to some interfaces to work properly. Please run the following commands after the first installation:

sudo snap connect ausweisapp2-ce:raw-usb :raw-usb sudo snap connect ausweisapp2-ce:hardware-observe :hardware-observe sudo snap connect ausweisapp2-ce:network-manager :network-manager sudo snap connect ausweisapp2-ce:network-observe :network-observe sudo systemctl restart snap.ausweisapp2-ce.pcscd.service

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Last updated17 March 2019

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