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Cave Story | NXEngine Evo

Tim Süberkrüb (timsueberkrueb)
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Doukutsu Monogatari - Classic side-scrolling platformer game

NXEngine Evo is a complete open-source clone/rewrite of the masterpiece jump-and-run platformer Doukutsu Monogatari (also known as Cave Story) created by Studio Pixel ( NXEngine Evo is an upgraded/refactored version of NXEngine by Caitlin Shaw (

Default controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z Jump
  • X Fire
  • A Select previous weapon
  • S Select next weapon
  • Q Inventory
  • W Map (only available after you've obtained the item in-game)
  • Pause Escape

The default controls can be easily changed under Options : Controls. Joysticks are also supported (you should only need to change the controls in the options menu).

Read more about the story behind Cave Story on the tribute site:


See known issues or report new issues (please make sure your issue is not already known by using the search functionality before filing any new ones):

When in doubt, feel free to file issues against the snap packaging repo and I will help you to identify the problem.

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Details for Cave Story | NXEngine Evo

GPL-3.0 OR Proprietary
Last updated
30 April 2019

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