Community and support

Whether you want to snap your own app or an established open source application, you’ll find plenty of help here. Joining the growing community of Snappy developers is as simple as signing up to a mailing list or have some fun in the Snappy Playpen.

Interacting with the Snappy community can be useful in other ways too. It can help you attract new users for your app, and it can be a great way to start contributing to the platform’s most popular projects.

Got a question? AskUbuntu ›

If you’re stuck, the chances are that someone else has encountered the same problem and they can help. Take a look at the "snap" tag on AskUbuntu.

Or chat in real time ›

Share your projects and ask other developers for support. This high-bandwidth IRC channel is a great place to find a quick answer to a single question.

Join the mailing list ›

Join the Snapcraft mailing list to ask any questions. You’ll also get regular product and community updates, from new Snapcraft releases to new snaps built by the community.

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