The docs roadmap

This is a list of the documentation issues and documents that we (the snap team) are currently working to improve. It isn’t necessarily a list of documents we want to write, but it is a list of subjects we know need attention or need clearer and more concise documentation.

Our documentation is a community effort, published via this forum. We warmly welcome community contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive criticism. See Documentation guidelines for further details.

Loosely ordered by priority:

Snapcraft (general)

Snapcraft build, debug and publishing roadmap

  • :white_medium_square: Command syntax (esp. snapcraft clean)
  • :white_medium_square: Broaden parts documentation
  • :white_medium_square: Build override examples
  • :white_medium_square: update Debugging Building Snaps for Snapcraft 3 (there is no prime/)
  • :white_medium_square: Glam up your Store page (see Publishing missing)
  • :white_medium_square: Store metrics and reviewing progress
  • :white_medium_square: Adding and working with interfaces
  • :white_medium_square: Tracking down dependencies
  • :white_medium_square: Update snapcraft walkthroughs to use bases
  • :white_medium_square: Migrating from remote parts/pre-base snapcraft.yaml
  • :white_medium_square: Tackle the snap.yaml and snapcraft.yaml ambiguity
  • :white_medium_square: Re-work Docker to emphasise its use with snap CI (Snapcraft v3)
  • :white_medium_square: Using plugins
  • :white_medium_square: Troubleshooting
    • :white_medium_square: Debugging builds: snapcraft --shell
    • :white_medium_square: Using
    • :white_medium_square: Using snapctl

snapd (general)

snapd upcoming this cycle

:white_medium_square: snapd: Health checks
:white_check_mark: snapd: Hotplug user documentation
:white_check_mark: snapd: Hotplug developer documentation
:white_check_mark: snapd: Snapshot documentation
:white_check_mark: snapd: Epoch documentation
:white_check_mark: snapd: Changes to interfaces output (update all references)
:white_check_mark: snapd: Connections


:white_check_mark: Add docs search to
:white_check_mark: landing page

  • :white_check_mark: Replace boiler-plate intro
  • :white_check_mark: Create a simple matrix of doc locations to visit

:white_check_mark: Improve contribution guidelines

Style and consistency reviews

:white_medium_square: Using Tracks
:white_check_mark: Snap confinement
:white_medium_square: Architectures
:white_medium_square: Make better use of, and update, Documentation Drive Hit List


:white_check_mark: Search for snapcraft_arch_triplet has no results (should be Environment variables that Snapcraft exposes). [Test it]( &q=snapcraft_arch_triplet).
:white_check_mark: missing Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu snap install docs (plus mention generic flavours)


:white_medium_square: Remove dollar signs at the beginning of the shell prompts (to be consistent with other Canonical docs and the Ubuntu wiki)

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