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Draftman2 is a draft-management tool for writers

Draftman2 is an organizational tool for writers. Although designed with creative writers in mind, Draftman2 is useful for any long-form writing project.

Most writing software focuses on the editor. Sometimes, this can be a problem. For example, I love the organizational and conversion features of Scrivener, but I don't like that it is designed from the ground up to use formatted text in the form of RTF files. I prefer to write in Markdown using editors of my own choosing

Draftman2 features:

  • Editor agnostic. Write using an editor of your choice.
  • Markdown. Keep yourself focused on the words and not the formatting.
  • Project files organized with files and folders inside your Keeper.
  • Every file and folder has an associated "Notes" file for jotting down ideas.
  • Works with any cloud system (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SpiderOak Hive) that supports access to a folder on your file system (e.g. /home/foobar/Dropbox/MyWritingProjects/AmericanNovel).
  • 100% Free and Open Source.
  • No proprietary file formats. Project information stored in plain-text YAML and plain-text files.
  • Include, exclude files and folders from final project compilation.
  • Automatic project backups on demand.
  • Word counts.
  • Compiles project files into single text files.
  • Opens the last project worked on, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Namegen (https://snapcraft.io/namegen) makes for a great companion app.

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16 January 2020

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