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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install g-dis3

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Channel Version Published

Redis Client Tool developed by C++ with system level stability.

This version supports redis server 6.0.9 and later.


  • This version supports popular data types in redis: string, set, list, hash, sortedset;
  • This version supports Base64 encoded binary key and Base64 encoded binary value;
  • This version supports multiple character set;
  • This version support multiple character sets to switch and display the data content returned from redis server;
  • This version supports reading and writing data on redis server;
  • This version supports limit by using scan operation, so as, it support the rapid response of limited data sets in the process of searching key;
  • In this version, the number of keys in each DB is obtained through the info command.
  • This version supports Command Line Interface for redis operation.


  • Click button 'New' to add a Connection;
  • Select one connection in 'My Favourite', and click button 'Edit' to edit the Connection settings;
  • Select at least one connection in 'My Favourite', and click the button 'Conn' to connect server(s) which you selected in 'My Favourite';
  • Select at least one connection in 'My Favourite', and click the button 'Close' to close the connection which you selected in 'My Favourite';
  • Select at least one connection in 'My Favourite', and click the button 'Rem' to remove the connection setting(s) which you selected in 'My Favourite';
  • After you connected to a Redis Server, you can operate your Redis server's data in the right main operation tab.
  • You can New a key-value pair with 'New' button clicked, Save a key-value with 'Save' button clicked, Delete a key-value with 'Delete' button clicked;
  • All Data which can not decoded to chosen charset string, will be displayed as Base64 Strings.
  • You can input Base64 String starting with ‘\B’ in the search key field to search Binary keys.
  • If you want to get the value of some key, you can just Paste your Key To the Key Field above the '(Re)Load' Button and click '(Re)Load' to load the value of your key.
  • Attention: You can use G-dis3 to operate data with connecting any master node of your Redis Cluster, but you can only choose db0 to operate the data on Redis Cluster.
  • Attention: since the Redis Cluster Node In Docker uses the IP in docker, this software cannot connect to the IP in docker, so it does Not Support the operation of Redis Cluster In Docker.


  • In this App, all binary data is displayed following '\B' in 'Operate Data' interface.
  • This App is published in Ubuntu Software Center, Windows Store and Apple Store synchronously.

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