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Sunwait is a program for calculating sunrise and sunset

Sunwait is a small C program for calculating sunrise and sunset, as well as civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights. It has features that make it useful for home automation tasks.

Home page:

Calculate sunrise and sunset times for the current or targetted day. The times can be adjusted either for twilight or fixed durations.

The program can either: wait for sunrise or sunset (function: wait), or return the time (GMT or local) the event occurs (function: list), or report the day length and twilight timings (function: report), or simply report if it is DAY or NIGHT (function: poll).

You should specify the latitude and longitude of your target location.

Usage: sunwait [major options] [minor options] [twilight type] [rise|set] [offset] [latitude] [longitude]

Major options, either: poll Returns immediately indicating DAY or NIGHT. See 'program exit codes'. Default. wait Sleep until specified event occurs. Else exit immediate. list [X] Report twilight times for next 'X' days (inclusive). Default: 1. report Generate a report about the days sunrise and sunset timings.

Minor options, any of: [no]debug Print extra info and returns in one minute. Default: nodebug. [no]version Print the version number. Default: noversion. [no]help Print this help. Default: nohelp. [no]gmt Print times in GMT or local-time. Default: nogmt.

Twilight types, either: daylight Top of sun just below the horizon. Default. civil Civil Twilight. -6 degrees below horizon. nautical Nautical twilight. -12 degrees below horizon. astronomical Astronomical twilight. -18 degrees below horizon. angle [X.XX] User-specified twilight-angle (degrees). Default: 0.

Sunrise/sunset. Only useful with major-options: 'wait' and 'list'. Any of: (default: both) rise Wait for the sun to rise past specified twilight & offset. set Wait for the sun to set past specified twilight & offset.

Offset: offset [MM|HH:MM] Time interval (+ve towards noon) to adjust twilight calculation.

Target date. Only useful with major-options: 'report' or 'list'. Default: today

``` d [DD] Set the target Day-of-Month to calculate for. 1 to 31. m [MM] Set the target Month to calculate for. 1 to 12. y [YYYY] Set the target Year to calculate for. 2000 to 2099.


latitude/longitude coordinates: floating-point degrees, with [NESW] appended. Default: Bingham, England.

Exit (return) codes:

``` 0 OK: exit from 'wait' or 'list' only. 1 Error. 2 Exit from 'poll': it is DAY or twilight. 3 Exit from 'poll': it is NIGHT (after twilight). ```

Example 1: sunwait wait rise offset -1:15:10 51.477932N 0.000000E Wait until 1 hour 15 minutes 10 secs before the sun rises in Greenwich, London.

Example 2: sunwait list 7 civil 55.752163N 37.617524E List civil sunrise and sunset times for today and next 6 days. Moscow.

Example 3: sunwait poll exit angle 10 54.897786N -1.517536E Indicate by program exit-code if is Day or Night using a custom twilight angle of 10 degrees above horizon. Washington, UK.

Example 4: sunwait list 7 gmt sunrise angle 3 List next 7 days sunrise times, custom +3 degree twilight angle, default location. Uses GMT; as any change in daylight saving over the specified period is not considered.

Note that program uses C library functions to determine time and localtime. Error for timings are estimated at: +/- 4 minutes.

Details for Sunwait

  • GPL-3.0

Last updated
  • 19 November 2020


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