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Full node for VIZ network

Each participant can award other participants from the awards fund, replenished by emission. The bigger the DAC share of a participant, the bigger share of the emission he can distribute via awards. Awarding happens instantly. An award can also be split between several recipients.

Conscious participation in VIZ DAC is logically reduced to awarding actions that are useful for the DAC and for the user personally.

In that way, awards stimulate useful actions, generating chain reaction and increasing VIZ DAC value.

Has anyone created a useful service and deserves an award? Do simply award him. It will come back a hundredfold.

Has anyone written an interesting article, created a video, planted a tree, reported on volunteering work done, painted a picture or performed any other socially significant action? Do simply award them. Awarding stimulates a behaviour pattern. The good attracts the good.

Energy regenerates linearly, 20% every 24 hours, which allows to plan and control its usage.

The are no limits for energy usage. Account can be used to award with all the 100% of its potential.

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14 May 2019

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