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sudo snap install zwavejs2mqtt

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Fully configurable Zwave to MQTT Gateway and Control Panel.

  • Configurable Zwave to Mqtt Gateway
  • Home Assistant integration (beta)
  • Zwave Control Panel:
    • Nodes management: check all nodes discovered in the z-wave network, send/receive nodes values updates directly from the UI and send action to the nodes and controller for diagnostics and network heal Custom Node naming and Location: Starting from v1.3.0 nodes name and location are stored in a JSON file named nodes.json. This because not all nodes have native support for naming and location features (#45). This change is back compatible with older versions of this package: on startup it will get all nodes names and location from the zwcfg_homeHEX.xml file (if present) and create the new nodes.json file based on that. This file can be imported/exported from the UI control panel with the import/export buttons placed on the top of nodes table, on the right of controller actions select.
    • Firmware updates: You are able to send firmware updates to your devices using the UI, just select the controller action Begin Firmware Update
    • Groups associations: create associations between nodes (also supports multi-instance associations, need to use last version of zwave-js)
    • Custom scenes management
  • Log debug in UI
  • Mesh graph showing devices neighbors

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13 October 2021

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