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Install latest/stable of asciicker

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install asciicker

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3D TEXT-MODE game concept

ASCIICKER is a 3D TEXT-MODE game concept with multiplayer ability in RPGish medieval mood.

Install: sudo snap install asciicker


  • as standalone window asciicker
  • inside virtual terminal (xterm compatible) or TTY console asciicker.term
  • switching between fonts in TTY console asciicker.font-8 asciicker.font-10 asciicker.font-12 ... asciicker.font-32

Game can be run:

  • in linux TTY console with fbdev driver, (install GPM for mouse support)
  • inside any compatible xterm-256-colors terminal emulator
  • as standalone SDL2 window using OpenGL
  • right inside your browser at:

Running in terminal may require configuring fonts (provided with game).

Currently, because of snap security, mouse doesn't work in TTY console. One way to fix it is installation with --devmode flag: sudo snap install asciicker --devmode

Control your character:


by gamepad [NEW]

  • run: left stick
  • attack: A
  • jump: B
  • pick item: Y+DPad
  • open/close inventory: left shoulder
  • select item in inventory: DPad
  • equip selected item: X
  • move item: X+DPad
  • open/close chat: right shoulder
  • open/close menu: start

Your gamepad may require mapping controls. Be sure to check it in ? Menu > Controls > Gamepad

by keyboard:

  • arrow keys: move
  • WASD keys: move (alternate)
  • Q/E keys: rotates view
  • SPACE key: jump
  • ENTER: attack (you must be equipped)

by mouse:

  • push and hold LMB in desired move direction, relative to character
  • while holding LMB press RMB to jump
  • drag with RMB to rotate view

by touch (web only):

  • start touch anywhere excluding areas covered by popup elements
  • move your finger in desired direction
  • while holding 'move' finger tap with another finger anywhere to jump
  • hold finger on left/right screen edge to rotate view

Picking up items:

  • get close to the item / items, popup elements will appear below character
  • tap / click on item or press coresponding number on keyboard to pick it up
  • if inventory is open you can drag item from popup right into inventory

Open / close inventory:


by keyboard:

  • press I key

by mouse / touch:

  • tap on character icon in upper-left corner

Removing items from inventory:


  • drag item outside inventory window and drop
  • hilight item and press 0 key (also possible when inventory is closed)

Consuming / Using / Unusing items


  • by mouse: RMB click on item in inventry
  • by touch: hold one finger on item in inventory and tap with another finger anywhere

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12 October 2021

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