About Snaps

Snaps are app packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross‐platform and dependency‐free. Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Snap Store, the app store for Linux with an audience of millions.


A snap is a bundle of an app and its dependencies that works without modification across Linux distributions.


Snapd is the background service that manages and maintains your snaps, automatically.

Snap Store

The Snap Store provides a place to upload snaps, and for users to browse and install the software they want.


Snapcraft is the command and the framework used to build and publish snaps.

A universal store

Snaps run not only on desktops but also on IoT devices, servers and clouds

Snaps work across Linux on many distributions and versions. Bundle your dependencies and assets, to simplify installs to a single standard command.

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Built, published and hosted for free

Our build infrastructure and the Snap Store makes building and publishing snaps a breeze

Whether your project is hosted on GitHub or not, you can leverage our build system to both build and release to the edge channel, ensuring users always stay up‐to‐date.

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Software distribution in your hands

With Snapcraft, you are in control of when and how you publish your Snap

With channels users can find their preferred balance between stability and the latest features. Though nothing is enforced, users expect the “Stable” channel to be well tested and updated less frequently, whereas the “Edge” channel is where they’ll get the latest release as soon as it’s available.

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Open source, but not only

Snaps can bundle both proprietary applications and open source

If you build proprietary software you can use the “Proprietary” license. For open source projects we support SPDX expressions so you can let your users know exactly what license your project uses.