Internet of Things

Transactional updates, airtight security, and compatibility across architectures and operating systems make snaps a perfect solution for IoT.

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Secure IoT device management

Open source operating systems and applications are making it easier than ever for businesses to develop and deploy IoT devices, but this is giving rise to a new challenge: how can organisations efficiently monitor and maintain their IoT fleets?


Solving the software update challenge for IoT devices

Ubuntu Core solves the update problem for IoT devices regardless of fleet scale, with transactional over-the-air updates that are either 100% successful, or are not installed. Packages on Ubuntu Core are delivered through snaps.


Accelerating IoT device time to market

This whitepaper draws findings from more than 30 case studies, project summaries, and business cases to identify the central IoT pitfalls and their solutions.


An introduction to Ubuntu Core 20

Ubuntu Core enables innovators to create highly secure things and focus entirely on their own unique features and apps, with confinement and security updates built into the operating system.

IoT tools and server

Case studies

Case study

Cyberdyne keeps cleaning robots up-to-date in the field with snaps

As Japan’s workforce ages, certain roles are being fulfilled by advanced robots to help bridge the gap. Cyberdyne, a Japanese robotics company, are building such robots…

Case study

Rigado cuts customers’ time-to-market

In the fast-paced world of IoT, being able to reduce time-to-market is a priority. After looking at a number of container options that involved a lot of moving parts, Rigado decided to turn to Ubuntu Core and snaps.

Industrial IoT


Home gateway

Board images

More on IoT

Canonical, Collabora, Nextcloud deliver work-from-home solution to Raspberry Pi and enterprise ARM users

Canonical, Collabora and Nextcloud announce the immediate availability of a content collaboration platform for 64bit ARM for both consumers and enterprises. Building on the prior Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance it adds with Collabora Online, the first viable self-hosted web office solution on the popular Raspberry Pi 4 platform.

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Ask Me Anything: Ubuntu Core 20

Ubuntu Core 20 was recently released. What can it do for IoT developers? How does it work? What’s new? If you are asking yourself any of these questions, or more, there is good news.

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Build smart displays with mir 2.3.2

Mir works across the whole stack of devices, from desktop computers, tablets and phones, to IoT devices. You can find mir in industry GUI applications to smart mirrors, enabling developers to design innovative user interfaces.

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