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An 8-Bit inspired, old-school, flick-screen, twin-stick shooter...

Stardate: 15th April, 2088

The good ship Equinox is under attack from Stormlord and his robotic minions, the Exolons! You're the crew's only hope. Take your Samurai-1 fighter, find Captain Solomon's Key, clear the decks of evil robots, and save the Equinox from certain destruction!

Cecconoid is an 8-bit inspired, flick-screen, twin-stick-shooter, set in an alternate dimension where the pixels are still chunky, and the bad guys are black and white.

Except for their red dangly bits...

Creative Commons

This version of Cecconoid is creative commons. A snapshot of the Unity project, minus third-party extensions, is available on GitHub: https://github.com/TripleEh/Cecconoid_CC


This game contains flashing images that could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Like, seriously, the entire game flashes, ALL THE TIME and there's no option to change it.

Details for Cecconoid

  • CC-BY-4.0

Last updated
  • 30 March 2021 - latest/stable
  • 30 March 2021 - latest/candidate



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