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RPG Dice Roller

Cherry Dice - dice roller helps you and your rpg group roll easily any dice you want. You can even copy the text for proof at rpg calls. Play D&D, Shadowrun, Tormenta, Morpho and other RPG platforms with Cherry Dice by your side for easy rolls.

After a roll, you can easily share the result with all your friends!


Dice inputs can be saved as "favorites" and rolled with a single tap. Favorites can have any name and can be grouped by category - useful for when you are playing several characters or want to keep things organized.


A list of previous dice roll results is also provided, with the most recent result at the top of the list. Tapping an item in the list will cause it to be rolled again. Previous dice rolls can be shared individually.


Notes are very important! with Cherry Dice you can save them even separated by categories.


We want to add maximum ease for you, and with that in mind we will be developing several solutions for DM.


Generate riddles easily, then share them even easier.

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