CLEVER PSI/SI and EPG generation

CLEVER PSI/SI and EPG generation

Install latest/stable of CLEVER PSI/SI and EPG generation

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install clever

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Use CLEVER to generate your transport stream meta data

Linear broadcast services require Program Specific Information/System Information (PSI/SI) as an essential part of the stream. Tuning information as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can be generated by the Dualz “CLEVER” PSI/SI Generator. The Dualz PSI/SI Generator conforms MPEG and DVB standards. Generated tables include PAT, PMT, CAT, BAT, NIT, SDT, EIT pf/scheduled and more. Dualz PSI/SI Generator imports data from several interfaces, from file (XML) or REST API interfaces. The CLEVER PSI/SI engine supports event interfaces on service level. Via XML or JSON the event information can be published. Drop your xml files on the system itself, FTP server or inject via API and they will be published in the transport stream. Use our remote Event Injection software to get your files and let the software push the events in the correct format to the CLEVER engine. Watch the video to learn more about EPG injection.

Installation instructions: Run "sudo snap install clever". After installation the CLEVER software will run automatically (also after system reboot). By default, a demo transport stream is generated, and will automatically play out via SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) in listening mode on port 1234, local nic. To connect to this stream use e.g. srt:// Note: make sure port 1234 on your linux machine is reachable through firewalls and routers! This demo TS will stop playing after 30 minutes. You can restart the service by using 'sudo snap restart clever'. More info, including how to control automated updates:

User interface: You can download the CLEVER user interface at: This user interface runs remotely on any (Windows) PC on your company LAN. Use this to change anything in the transport stream, or to change the output protocol (like UDP, ASI, SRT,....) License: Purchase a temporary or permanent license at

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