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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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sudo snap install collabee

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collabee is a team collaboration software that lets your team communicate, manage tasks and events, share files, all in one page

collabee is a team collaboration software that lets your team communicate, manage tasks and events, and share files, all in one page.

Assign tasks, share files and feedbacks, and communicate with your team in just one page. With Collabee, you know your how far your project has progressed and how active your team is being involved. You can co-author and co-edit an issue, a collaborative document, and mention your coworkers or share tasks, decisions and files. Each step your team takes to get works done will be shown in the comment section, allowing anyone to follow up with the workflow at a glance.

Main features:

Create a space that fits your purpose

  • Notice board : Share company-wide events or official news with your team

-  Teams and Department: Invite your team members and start team-based projects and tasks

-  Project workspace : Collaborate and manage special projects from its launch to completion

  • Gain visibility and organize ongoing issues in a space with Kanban board

Collaborate in an 'issue' document

-  Synchronous work: Co-author documents with your team

-  Contextful communication : Comment and threads that contains the full workflow

-  Feedbacks : Share feedbacks on certain tasks or items

Issue updates and newsfeed

-  Updates that matters to you, organized by issues while you are in the zone

  • Only the things that matter to me with the yellow marks

  • Comment threads that show work history and team communication

Realtime co-authoring document ( PC only )

  • Reduce unnecessary meetings and conference calls and get things done in issues together, at the same time.

  • Get your works done faster by editing issues and assigning tasks in realtime

  • Set up a meeting, write down the agenda, communicate, and share the results right away in the same issue

Team’s tasks and workflow at a single glance

  • Create a task in an issue or task tab and manage to-do’s and tasks effectively

  • Organize tasks by categorizing them as assigned and requested to better manage your projects

  • Manage your tasks based on its status - started, on hold, or completed

Communicate with context

  • It is more than a comment. It has file share history and activity stream, showing you the full work process and history

  • Communicate in the most detailed way possible by sharing your ideas in specific items

It takes 10 seconds to locate your files

  • You don't need file names to get to the them anymore

  • A single keyword is enough for you quickly to access the item you are looking for because al issues and items are connected to each other.

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