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Commandeer - View You Data, Manage Your Infrastructure as Code, Test Your Plumbing all from the convenience of a desktop app.

Commandeer is a desktop app built by developers for developers which allows you to manage your infrastructure as code, view your data, and test your plumbing. You can access 30+ of the most popular services including Dynamo DB, S3, Lambda, LocalStack, Docker, Algolia, and more all from the convenience of your desktop app.


No more logging in and out of different accounts in the AWS console. Commandeer allows you to add all your accounts in a central place and switch between them effortlessly. Each service is conveniently located in the side navigation where you can drill down into each service accessing your resources.

Want to find your resource? Press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+P for quick search or use the search menu. Commandeer is built with developer efficiency in mind so you can navigate to your resources as fast as possible. Our Region Scanner tool allows you to go even further and find your resources across all regions.

Want to develop locally? With the full support for LocalStack, you’ll manage your local resources with the same ease as managing your resources in the cloud. We also support installing LocalStack as well as starting and stopping individual services from the GUI.

Last but not least, run your Serverless and Ansible scripts from a desktop UI. With the IaC Running Suite, you can deploy your infrastructure as code anywhere. Commandeer allows you to run, edit, and view the results of your IAC code execution using the tools you are already using. You can view chips of success and errors in addition to the normal terminal output. You can set different settings per account. For instance, a dev account can have a stage variable of dev, and your staging account can have a stage variable of staging.


View your data easily across your cloud services. We allow you to query, edit, and create new data using the same app for AWS S3, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL Database, Algolia, as well as looking at your CloudWatch Logs.


See what your lambdas are connected to. And the interactions between them. With the Lambda Testing Suite, you’ll be able to send a test payload to S3, DynamoDB, SNS, and SQS to see your Lambda invocation and logs. Providing you with full visibility into your cloud is our top priority.

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