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Unit and currencies converter

Converter NOW is an effective unit and currencies converter

  • ✔️ Simplify the tedious conversion process between units of measurement in a few clicks
  • 🚀 It is fast and immediate: just start typing and immediately you have the real-time conversion with all the other units of measurement
  • 🖌️ It is customizable: the units can be reorganized according to your priorities and your use
  • 🔢 It integrates a calculator that let you do the calculations in every page
  • 💰 Currency exchange rates updated daily
  • 🎨 Dynamic theming based on your device settings
  • ⚫⚪ Choose your favorite theme: dark and white theme
  • 📱🖥️ Multiplatform: available for Android, Web, Linux and Windows
  • 💯 It is free, no ads, no data collection, no permissions (just Internet to update currency conversions) and first of all it is open source!

Converter NOW can convert 200+ units of measurement and 30+ currencies 🎉🎉

Here are some of the physical quantity that Converter NOW is able to convert:

  • Currencies: Dollars, Euro, Pound, Rupee, Yen, etc
  • Length: meters, inches, miles, yards, light years, etc.
  • Area: square meters, hectares, acres, etc.
  • Volume: cubic meters, liters, gallons, pints, spoons, etc.
  • Time: seconds, hours, days, years, weeks, millennia, etc.
  • Temperature: Centigrade, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  • Speed: meters per second, kilometers per hour, knots, etc.
  • Mass: grams, pounds, tons, atomic mass units, etc.
  • Force: Newton, dyne, pound-force, poundal, etc
  • Pressure: pascal, bar, atmosphere, psi, etc.
  • Energy: Joule, calories, kilowatt hours, etc.
  • Power: Watt, kilowatt, horsepower, etc.
  • Fuel consumption: Miles per Gallon, Kilometers per liter, etc.
  • Numeral systems: decimal, binary, hexadecimal etc.
  • Torque: Newton meter, pound-force foot, poundal meter, etc.
  • Digital data: Nibble, bit, byte, kibibit, kibibyte, etc.
  • Shoes size: UK, India, Europe, USA, Japan, etc.
  • Angles: degree, radians, minutes, etc.
  • SI prefix: kilo, mega, giga, tera, milli, micro, nano, etc.

Details for Converter NOW: Unit Converter

  • GPL-3.0

Last updated
  • 26 May 2024 - latest/stable
  • 26 May 2024 - latest/edge




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