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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install dashboard-controller

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Dashboard Controller

This is a small demo put together by the Canonical team. It features a dashboard not unlike the one you would have in Auto. It is used to illustrate the power of snaps in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core.

The dashboard-ui is "powered" by the dashboard-controller snap. So you want BOTH installed.

If you then go in dashboard-controller and edit the code for the color (device-controller/app/main.py), the dashboard will change> Valid colors are blue, green and red. If you try to put another color, the ui will not accept it and request snapd to revert the controller to its previous version (because, yes, you can do that with snaps).

Furthermore, you will need to ensure that the proper plugs are connected to the proper slots. This is what you should have:

For dashboard-controller Interface Plug Slot Notes network dashboard-controller:network :network - network-bind dashboard-controller:network-bind :network-bind -

For dashboard-ui Interface Plug Slot Notes network dashboard-ui:network :network - network-bind dashboard-ui:network-bind :network-bind - snapd-control dshboard-ui:snapd-control :snapd-control manual

Note: both the network and network-bind will be connected automatically. But snapd-control WON'T BE VERY IMPORTANT: DO -> sudo snap connect dashboard-ui:snapd-control (which will connect to :snapd-control) OTHERWISE the rollback capability will NOT WORK

CREDITS: Bugra Aydogar, Linux Plumber, for the original code and snaps Hayden Chambers, Wizard of beautiful UIs (my team can't draw) Steve "skidooman" Barriault, VP of Linux Plumbers, for the hacking and marketing

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