The `ffmpeg-cat` media concat. utility

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sudo snap install ffmpeg-cat

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Concatenate multiple video files using the familiar `cat` syntax

This utility concatenates multiple video files using the familiar cat command syntax. It is designed to make concatenation of splitted similar spec files(e.g. dash cam recordings) easier for regular users that don't want other fancy features.


 # Install the package
 sudo snap install ffmpeg-cat

 # If your input files lived in /media or /mnt connect the
 # confinement plug to allow access
 sudo snap connect ffmpeg-cat:removable-media


This is a text-based program which should be run in a text terminal.

Common usage example:

 ffmpeg-cat _input_file1_ _input_file2_... > output.mkv

It should be easy to insert the input file arguments via simply dragging the input files(assuming to be sorted in alphabetical order) from a file manager to a text terminal emulator(like Konsole).

Note that currently only the Matroska container format(MKV) is supported as the output file format, as it is more flexible on what kind of video/audio streams it can encapsulate. Support for other media container formats can be implemented if there's significant need for the feature.

Environment variables that can customize the program's behavior

FFCAT_DROP_SRC_FILES: Whether to automatically remove the input files after a successful conversion.

Default value: false

Supported values: false, true


Refer the issue tracker for limited, community-based support:

Patches are welcome if you have the ability to fix it yourself.


This software is licensed under [the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license](

Specialized, case-by-case licensing is also possible but may incurr a price, please file an issue for discussion.

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  • CC-BY-4.0

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  • 7 May 2023 - latest/stable
  • 7 May 2023 - latest/edge



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