Focus|Project for Trello Preview

Focus|Project for Trello Preview

Janos Brezniczky (brezniczky) Publisher

Install latest/beta of Focus|Project for Trello Preview

Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

sudo snap install focus-project --beta

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Focus|Project for Trello Preview is only available on the unstable beta channel. It could break and change often.

Channel Version Published

Your kanban board even closer! ⚡

Part of a philosophy, part of a concept. Change gears in 2021 with us!

F|P is currently the beta preview of something bigger to come, integrating with Trello. In fact, it's just the beta of the Trello integration (stop laughing! :) )

It can be used as an in many ways basic, but fast Trello client with some extras for Linux (also available for Windows).

(In a few keywords: agile, app, productivity, quick, in development, Linux-first, keyboard-first, free/affordable, Trello, markdown)

Still, perhaps this nippy app, could be called an agile tool, can already help - whether when zoning in, or looking out (e.g. when planning a sprint) - more info at, feel free to try! (The video is roughly from October, with a bit of luck something better gets created relatively soon...)

(Btw we like Trello! if you don't know about it, I guess feel free to get acquainted at: - also, the app won't do much without a Trello account.)

What's waiting for you?

From the top of my mind:

  • NEW: an optional live markdown editor preview ("definitely beta"), involving the description of new/existing cards, comments
  • new: clipboard-friendly hyperlink editor, with some rich editing features
  • advanced editing features for the card description (I think fellow devs will recognize some of the much missed essentials - we do go beyond the basic "Notepad" experience)
  • standard due dates
  • the standard checklist items on steroids (except for creation, but even multiple can be moved/deleted at once - of course there's more to come here), including rich editing options - an easy way to link to a subtask card if its link is on the clipboard
  • a quick "local" search ('filter') + sorting on the current list/board,
  • take markdown notes quickly - incl. some degree of ability to convert browser selection/rich text directly to markdown by copy & pasting
  • a mostly followed keyboard-first principle: many shortcuts
  • apparently handles cards well in the 100s or even 1000s, although speed is more a future priority
  • a touch of green: highly likely significantly reduced memory/CPU footprint (to be re-evaluated soon) compared to a handful of alternatives
  • adaptive theming
  • an alternative take on story point estimates: (What are story points? )
  • of course, hiccups :) but it's just a beta, don't give up yet!
  • and many, many tiny features, considerations, concepts ... although even more numerous missing :))

Installation note

You'll need to enable certain privileges for the app after snap installs it, especially for password storage. This can be accomplished by:

 snap connect focus-project:password-manager-service

And you should be typically good to go - start focus-project, e.g. from the launcher!

(Confession: when running it from the console, you'll also see a number of warnings, and perhaps an error about a missing en locale, each of yet unidentified origins ¯\(ツ)


Some distros may not like this snap, e.g. it didn't seem to be allowed to run on an up to date Lubuntu 20.10 on 13/01/2021, despite providing the interfaces. On the other hand, Debian, Ubuntu Mate, ZorinOS 15 Core seem to pan out.)

Licensing note

The app is currently free and will likely remain free of charge without ads for a broad audience (well, wouldn't ads just defeat the purpose? :) ) especially for personal, academic and open-source use.

Even for professional use, a very reasonable pricing is in mind.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected to Trello, Inc. (

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29 March 2021

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