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sudo snap install grammarcheck

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This free grammar checker app will show you all the grammatical errors in your work and give you the most accurate suggestions

With this grammar checker app, you can make your essays, assignments, research reports, and any other documents grammatically correct in less time.

Your content may contain hundreds of errors, but with our grammar corrector you will end up with the most accurate content.

How to Use This Grammar Checking App?

Here’s how you can fix all of your grammar mistakes:

  • Enter any text or upload a file from your system.
  • Click on the “Check Grammar” button.
  • Press the highlighted error and replace it with the provided suggestion

Features of this Free Grammar Checker App

We’ve shortlisted some of the notable features of this grammar fixer.

  • No words limit

Are you willing to check for grammar errors in your lengthy research reports?

You can do it using our free grammar check app as there is no specified word limit or any character limit as well.

  • Upload Files in Multiple Formats

This grammar corrector allows you to upload a file in three different formats and all three are enlisted below




You need to simply click on the “Upload File” button and select any of the files from your device. Accuracy Guaranteed. Once you’ll enter the text or upload a file to check, this app will provide you with the most accurate results. And having accurate results help you make your content grammatically perfect without disturbing the intent of your content.

  • Final Files will Store in History Tab

As soon as you are done correcting the grammar, your file will be stored in the history tab. You can recheck or download your files anytime. This can prevent you from data loss. Some Advanced Features of this Grammar Check App for Linux This app contains many advanced features as well and these features will save the user’s time and effort.

  • Download the Final Results

After highlighting or removing the grammar errors, you can download the final file in Pdf format. You just need to press the “Download” icon and you are done by your side.

  • Copy the Corrected Text

You can copy the grammatically perfect text with a single click and use it wherever you want. There is no need to highlight the whole text and use button to copy text, this can save your time and effort as well.

  • Start a New Session

As soon as you get the results, you can start a new session by simply clicking on the “Delete” icon. By clicking this icon, the input field will be cleared and you can easily input something else.

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