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sudo snap install iconny

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Iconny Browser

Iconny is an open source browser built from ElectronJS AND Munich as the core Made to be a light and fast browser Iconny Features Always in Incognito Iconny is made so that your history is not saved but without losing your information when closing the browser Ad blocker Iconny has a built-in ad blocker Notely Thanks to the Iconny code, Notely has a very basic system of notes and that if these are links you can open them all saved in LocalStorage Dark interface Iconny's dark mode interface thanks to the Monocromatix CSS styles that is designed not to tire the eyes and to be pleasant during the day and at night besides being light Fast and Light Iconny has a performance at the level of the best browsers and is lighter than the others No telemetry Iconny respects the privacy of the user and does not have any telemetry or even optional telemetry Open Source Iconny despite being very basic is always open source that can be used to improve the browser or serve as a basis for others Multi platform Iconny is present on the three main platforms Mac, Linux and Windows Secondary Mode Iconny has a session to use it as a different profile than the initial one

Details for Iconny

  • MIT

Last updated
  • 17 January 2022 - latest/stable
  • 17 January 2022 - latest/edge


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