Ion Digital Currency (Official release)

Ion Digital Currency (Official release)

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sudo snap install ioncore

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gaming related peer-to-peer network based digital currency

Ion Core is an MIT licensed, open source, gaming oriented, blockchain-based cryptocurrency with ultra fast transactions, low fees, high network decentralization, and industry-leading transaction anonymity.

This package includes following binaries:

 iond, ion-cli, ion-tx, ion-qt, test_ion, test_ion-qt

Default homefolder:


How to launch snap binaries in terminal:

 ioncore.qt     - launches Ion Core QT (ion-qt)
 ioncore.daemon - launches Ion Core daemon (iond)
 ioncore.cli    - launches Ion Core RPC (ion-cli)
 ioncore.tx     - launches Ion Core ion-tx utility (ion-tx)
 test           - launches test_ion
 testqt         - launches test_ion-qt

Additional launchers for tegtest and testnet:

 ioncore.qt-testnet     - launches Ion Core QT with testnet=1
 ioncore.daemon-testnet - launches Ion Core daemon with testnet=1
 ioncore.cli-testnet    - launches Ion Core RPC with testnet=1

 ioncore.qt-regtest     - launches Ion Core QT with regtest=1
 ioncore.daemon-regtest - launches Ion Core daemon with regtest=1
 ioncore.cli-regtest    - launches Ion Core RPC with regtest=1

Documentation and wiki:

Get source code from Github:

Get CE source code from Bitbucket:

Chat with Support on Discord:

Contact us on social networks and forums:

Details for Ion Digital Currency (Official release)

  • MIT

Last updated
  • 7 July 2020 - latest/stable
  • 11 November 2021 - latest/edge



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