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sudo snap install matrix-commander-gael

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Simple but convenient CLI-based Matrix client app

This is NOT an original piece of work, just a snap of matrix-commander

This program is a simple but convenient app to send and receive Matrix messages from the CLI in various different ways. Use cases for this program could be

  • a bot or part of a bot,
  • to send alerts,
  • combine it with cron to publish periodic data,
  • send yourself daily/weekly reminders via a cron job
  • send yourself a daily song from your music collection
  • a trivial way to fire off some instant messages from the command line
  • to automate sending via programs and scripts
  • a "blogger" who frequently sends messages and images to the same room(s) could use it
  • a person could write a diary or run a gratitutde journal by sending messages to her/his own room
  • as educational material that showcases the use of the matrix-nio SDK

Create an alias for ease of use (optional)

sudo snap alias matrix-commander-gael.matrix-commander matrix-commander

First-time users




  • Improvements, up to v7.6.0
  • Added feature "time" to --download-media-name
  • Added new feature: --room-dm-create-allow-duplicates
  • Added new feature: --joined-dm-rooms to list all joined DM rooms of current user


  • Improvements, up to v7.3.1

  • New feature --download-media-name SOURCE|CLEAN|EVENTID


  • New build to resolve CVE-2022-48554/USN-6359-1


  • Improvements, up to v7.2.0

  • Enhancement: feature --room-invites is now also available without --listen

  • New build to resolve CVE-2023-24329/USN-6139-1


  • Improvements, up to v7.1.0

  • New feature --room-invites LIST|JOIN|LIST+JOIN


  • Improvements, up to v7.0.0

  • Support for emojize


  • Improvements, up to v6.0.2

  • Fix for error when providing wrong password at login


  • New build to resolve CVE-2023-24329/USN-5960-1
  • Dependencies cleanup


  • New build to resolve CVE-2023-24329/USN-5960-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2022-40898/USN-5821-3


  • New build to resolve CVE-2022-40897/USN-5817-1


  • New build to switch to core22 as most of the users are on Ubuntu 22.04

  • Improvements, up to v6.0.1

  • Fix for opening web browser for SSO


  • New build to resolve CVE-2022-37454/CVE-2022-45061/USN-5767-1


  • Improvements, up to v5.0.0

  • Added --sync off|full to allow turning sync off for send actions, default is --sync full

  • Bug fix in --joined-members, added initial part of new feature --output

  • -output is currently only implemented for 2 functions: --joined-members and --joined-rooms

  • Added new option --get-room-info to get room alias, room display name, and much more

  • Improved --room-get-info to allow also aliases instead of room id

  • Added new option --get-client-info

  • Added new type json-spec to --output

  • Added new option --verbose

  • Changes to --output, json-spec only provides output for --listen

  • Added --output format logic also to --version

  • 2 bug fixes: --room-create failed for empty aliasm --joined-members failed when avatar missing

  • New feature: --plain now available for --room-create and --room-dm-create

  • Improved error logging


  • Improvements, up to v3.5.1

  • Minor bug fix for --tail

Details for matrix-commander-gael

  • GPL-3.0+

Last updated
  • 8 May 2024 - latest/stable
  • 8 May 2024 - latest/edge


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