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Have you ever found yourself taking notes by sending yourself emails or messages on messenger apps? What about links, to-dos, journaling, or simple reminders? Have you ever found a moment you just want to write down your thought in your mind somewhere?

Monoline is the app for you! Monoline is a minimalist message to self app for sending messages to yourself. It's a very simple, yet powerful life organizer and tracker. Like a personal micro journal.


💡 Express your mind freely & quickly: Forget about the complicated note-taking apps. Just write everything that’s on your mind as a message freely and quickly.

# Hashtags to organize messages: With Monoline, it’s so easy to keep your messages organized. Just add hashtags to the personal messages so you can easily discover and organize them.

🔄 Access all your messages from mobile & computer devices: supports multiple platforms, including web, Android, and iOS. All your personal messages can sync between devices effortlessly.

🔎 Search messages: Just type /search to use the powerful search and hashtagging system to find messages. This allows you to use Monoline as note to self app, simple to do list app, simple reminder, thoughts & ideas recorder, micro journal, activity journal, mood tracker, emotion tracker, link saver and organizer, self talk app, and more!

📁 Upload files: use /upload to upload files relevant to your personal messages. You can upload multiple files at once.

🔡 Supports basic Markdown syntax: our message to self app supports text formatting such as bold, italicized letters and lists. Just follow the guidelines once you install the app.

📨Edit, delete, share: You can edit, delete, and share any message. You can also customize the app’s settings by typing /settings.


From using it as a minimalist prompted journal and daily life organizer, to using it as a note taking app for notes and messages, Monoline is one of the most universal apps ever. Here are some uses cases..

Self talk: Release that anger, reflect on a situation, moment, or the whole day, or send a note to yourself about a mistake you made. Don’t keep everything in your head! You can quickly and easily save every thought as a message across devices.

Ideas organizer: Whether it is a small idea about a personal life hack or a potentially big business idea, Monoline can easily keep and organize your ideas. Just add the #ideas hashtag next to your message.

Mood tracker: Add #mood to your messages related to your mood and emotions and Monoline can be your minimalist emotion tracker.

Micro journal: Monoline is also your minimalist simple journal app. Just add #journal or #journaling to keep a daily personal diary notebook of your life or a daily activity journal.

To do, shopping lists and reminders: Monoline can also be your simple life organizer and minimal planner for to-dos and errands. Easily add to do tasks, create lists, and record reminders, by adding the appropriate hashtags.

Link saver: Bookmarking is great, but Monoline makes it super simple to keep and organize important links for every aspect of your life.

Memories keeper: A special moment happened in your life? Add the photo/video memory and send yourself a message with the hashtag #memories to keep it forever.

… and many many more. How you use Monoline depends solely on you!

☑️Download and try it now for FREE!

CONTACT: We are constantly working hard to improve our unique message to self app. Use the /feedback command within Monoline to send us feedback or send an email to Enjoy using Monoline!

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