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by hda (cryptofuture)

Install latest/edge of nginx-hda-bundle

Make sure snap support is enabled in your Desktop store.

Install using the command line

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Nginx HDA Bundle - Dynamic Modules Power

You can install with `sudo snap install nginx-hda-bundle --edge --devmode`

For more details please visit:

Run with: (www is for www-data user)

sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.first-run (creates nginx configuration directory in `/etc/nhb-snap/`)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.start (starts nginx)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.start-www (starts nginx under www-data)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.reload (reload nginx configuration)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.reload-www (reload nginx configuration, www-data)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.stop (stops nginx)
sudo snap run nginx-hda-bundle.stop-www (stops nginx, www-data)

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