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A very small, very simple, yet very secure encryption tool.

Important: The recommended way to install Picocrypt is using the official .deb. This Snap is only provided as a fallback for systems that cannot install .deb files or have issues doing so.

Picocrypt is a very small, very simple, yet very secure encryption tool that you can use to protect your files. It's designed to be the go-to tool for encryption, with a focus on security, simplicity, and reliability. Picocrypt uses the secure XChaCha20 cipher and the Argon2id key derivation function to provide a high level of security, even from three-letter agencies like the NSA. It's designed for maximal security, making absolutely no compromises security-wise, and is built with Go's standard x/crypto modules. Your privacy and security is under attack. Take it back with confidence by protecting your files with Picocrypt.

Details for picocrypt

  • GPL-3.0

Last updated
  • 24 May 2022


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