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Remove plagiarism from your content with this plagiarism remover app.

This plagiarism remover can help you remove plagiarism from your content, be it an article, blog post or an e-book. You can choose between three different modes to get the results of your choice in less time.

There are also multiple languages supported, so you can easily work with documents in other languages as well.

If you want to generate some citations for your work, you can use the integrated citation generator in this plagiarism remover app.

How to Use This Online Plagiarism Remover?

Here are the steps that you can follow to use this application:

  1. Enter your content in the input space.

  2. Or, you can upload a file directly from your system storage.

  3. Select your required mode.

  4. Select your preferred language (default selection will be ‘English’)

  5. Click on the ‘Remove Plagiarism’ button.

Note: Supported formats for file uploading are TXT, Word and PDF.

How Does This Plagiarism Remover App Work?

When you enter your content in the input space and press the ‘Remove Plagiarism’ button, this app will change the words and phrases in the text to remove plagiarism from it and make it unique.

The changes made by the app will vary according to the mode you select. Essentially, the main function of our plagiarism remover is to change your content in such a way that it becomes unique and free from plagiarism. However, during this process, the context and meaning of the content will not change.

Benefits of Using This Online Plagiarism Remover?

Here are some benefits and perks that you can enjoy when using this app:

  • Easily Copy, Delete and Download Results

Once it removes the plagiarism from your content, you can easily copy it to your clipboard or download it to your device by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the output box. If you want to start fresh, you can click on the ‘Delete’ button to reset the field and enter any other content instead.

  • Multiple Modes Available

With this plagiarism remover app, you can choose from three different modes i.e.,

  1. Simple

  2. Formal

  3. Advance

Each of these three modes affect different types of changes in the content. You can select the mode that suits your need the best. All of them are available to every user.

  • Multiple Languages Supported

Other than English, there are 15 different languages supported by this app. If you want to remove plagiarism from a document in any of those languages, you can specify it before starting the process.

  • Get Word Count

As you enter your content in the input field, our app will give you the word count in real-time. You can see if you’ve entered the whole content or not.

  • Integrated Citation Generating Tool

Another perk that you can enjoy with this app is the integrated citation generator. If you ever need to use someone else’s content without getting penalized for plagiarism, you can create a citation.

The citation will be created in APA, MLA and Chicago formats.

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