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Blockchain Poker

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sudo snap install playpoker

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Decentralized BlockChain Poker on Game Engine STH Platform


  • Used 2 blockchain: mainnet and gamechain
  • authorization / registration on game servers using the SmartHoldem crypto signature, without the need to specify a mail and password, no data other than a crypto signature is transmitted to the network.
  • Built-in Crypto> STH exchange in the game client and official acceptance of fiat (RUB, EUR, USD) in the main wallet, STH> FIAT withdrawal to XBTS DEX
  • own game engine, now allows you to create not only poker but also other card and slot games.
  • Block Explorer GameChain
  • Very low commissions for gaming operations (1 CRYPTO CHIP provides 100,000,000 gaming transactions as commissions)
  • Poker players have a very low rake, it is fixed and = 1 CHIP of the win
  • high HD TV graphics quality 1920x1080px & 1920x1200
  • speed up engine graphics processing with latest GL
  • unique data encryption system on the client. All data is encrypted with pin code + AES256.
  • pin code encrypts itself, initially converting to SHA384, then to AES256
  • CHIPS and STH change in 2 directions, 1 to 1
  • CRYPTO CHIPS can be used in any gambling campaign
  • All transactions are synchronized between the two blockchains
  • Unique author's card deck (created by the artist specifically for the project 4 months) will be released a limited edition of this deck physically.
  • Built-in chat and game log (data is not stored anywhere and is deleted after the client is closed)
  • There are no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, all assets belong to the players
  • Unique screen scaling technology, allows you to work on both large screens and mobile (tested on android)
  • Support for multilang (now Russian, English will expand)

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  • 25 January 2021 - latest/stable



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