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A simple script I use to download podcasts from YouTube and RSS feeds


A simple script I use to download podcasts from YouTube and RSS feeds. It uses youtube-dl (https://youtube-dl.org/) and a (badly written) bash script. Files are then synchronized to my laptop and mobile using syncthing (https://snapcraft.io/syncthing-gael).

Caveat: It suits MY needs and is provided as-is. It's FOSS. Use it for whatever you want.


  • List your YouTube video or playlist URLs here (one Youtube URL per line) sudo vi /var/snap/podcast-dl-gael/common/podcast-dl/youtube-dl.conf.d/youtube-dl.url

  • List your RSS feeds here (one RSS feed per line) sudo vi /var/snap/podcast-dl-gael/common/podcast-dl/rss-dl.conf.d/rss-dl.url

  • Podcasts are downloaded here once a day at 06:00 sudo ls -lh /var/snap/podcast-dl-gael/common/podcast-dl/podcasts/

  • Display the last/next time podcast-dl has/will run systemctl list-timers | grep -e NEXT -e podcast-dl-gael


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-22947/CVE-2021-22945/CVE-2021-22946/USN-5079-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-3634/USN-5053-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-22898/CVE-2021-22924/CVE-2021-22925/USN-5021-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-20305/USN-4906-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-22876/CVE-2021-22890/USN-4898-1


  • New build to resolve CVE-2021-3449/USN-4891-1


  • Initial release

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16 September 2021

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