sleek - Todo.txt app for Linux

sleek - Todo.txt app for Linux

Robin Ahle (ransome) Publisher

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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sudo snap install sleek

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Todo app based on the todo.txt format for Linux, free and open-source

  • An existing todo.txt file can be used or a new one can be created
  • Todos can be enriched and searched for by
    • priorities
    • contexts
    • projects
    • due dates
    • start dates
    • recurrences
    • thresholds
  • Todo-List can be grouped and sorted by priorities, due dates, contexts or projects
  • The sorting order can be defined on all 4 levels
  • Todos can be filtered by contexts, projects and priorities
  • Todos can be looked up by full-text search
  • Autocomplete function suggests available contexts and projects
  • Keyboard shortcuts following
  • Tabindex available
  • A todo can be hidden but its attributes will be available in the filter drawer and autocomplete function
  • Due dates trigger alarms and appear as badges in sleeks icon
  • Dark and light mode can be toggled
  • A compact view is available
  • Completed todos can be bulk archived to a separate done.txt ([name of todo file]_done.txt) file
  • Completed todos can be shown or hidden
  • Multi line todos can be created
  • Filters can be renamed or deleted by right clicking on them
  • Filters are sorted alphanummerically
  • Hyperlinks are detected automatically and can be clicked using the icon
  • A file watcher rereads the todo.txt file if it has been changed
  • Multiple todo.txt files can be managed and switched between using a tab bar or keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple languages are either detected or can be set by hand to
    • English
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Brazilian Portugese
    • Japanese
    • Turkish
  • sleek can be minimized to tray
  • Existing todos can be used as templates for new ones

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Last updated
27 July 2021

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