sleek - todo.txt manager for Linux

sleek - todo.txt manager for Linux

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sudo snap install sleek

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sleek is an open-source (FOSS) todo manager based on the todo.txt syntax. It's available for Linux

sleek is an open-source (FOSS) todo manager based on the todo.txt syntax. Stripped down to only the most necessary features, and with a clean and simple interface, sleek aims to help you focus on getting things done.

All classic todo.txt attributes are supported and enhanced by additional features. Creating todos is straightforward, and tag-based filtering in tandem with highly customisable grouping and smart full-text search allow for rapid information retrieval. Completed todos can be hidden or archived into separate done.txt files. Easy integration with other todo.txt apps is facilitated by continuously scanning todo.txt files for changes.

sleek is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and in several languages. For a detailed list of features, see below.


  • Uses existing todo.txt files or creates new ones
  • File watcher scans todo.txt files for changes
  • Simultaneously manage multiple todo.txt files
  • Add and search for todos by priority, contexts, projects, due date, creation date, completion date, recurrence (repeating todo), threshold dates (deferred todos), pomodoro intervals
  • Filter, sort, and group todos by all available attributes
  • Invert the sorting of each group
  • Find todos using a sophisticated advanced search based on the todo.txt syntax
  • Inline autocomplete available for adding contexts and projects
  • Multi-line and bulk todo creation
  • Due dates, threshold dates, recurrences, pomodoros and priorities can be selected by built-in picker elements
  • Speaking dates can be entered for due and threshold dates
  • Marking a recurring todo as complete, will create a new todo
  • Navigable via keyboard shortcuts
  • Due date notifications
  • Toggle between dark and light mode
  • Completed todos can be shown, hidden, and archived
  • Language options: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portugese, Japanese, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Korean, Hindi

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  • MIT

Last updated
  • 28 March 2024 - latest/stable
  • 28 March 2024 - latest/stable




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