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ssh mitm server for security audits

ssh mitm server for security audits supporting public key authentication, session hijacking and file manipulation


  • Hijacking and logging of terminal sessions
  • support for ssh commands (e.g. git over ssh)
  • SCP and SFTP
    • store files
    • replace files
    • inject additional files
  • Agent Forwarding
  • Port Forwarding
  • Check and test clients against known vulnerabilities
  • Plugin support

Connect to the network

To start an intercepting mitm-ssh server on Port 10022, all you have to do is run a single command.

$ ssh-mitm --remote-host 192.168.0.x

Now let's try to connect to the ssh-mitm server.

$ ssh -p 10022 user@proxyserver

You will see the credentials in the log output.

 2021-01-01 11:38:26,098 [INFO]  Client connection established with parameters:
     Remote Address: 192.168.0.x
     Port: 22
     Username: user
     Password: supersecret
     Key: None
     Agent: None

Hijack SSH sessions

When a client connects, the ssh-mitm starts a new server, which is used for session hijacking.

[INFO] created injector shell on port 34463

To hijack this session, you can use your favorite ssh client. All you have to do is to connect to the hijacked session.

$ ssh -p 34463

Advanced usage

SSH-MITM proxy server is capable of advanced man in the middle attacks and can be used in scenarios, where the remote host is not known or a single remote host is not sufficient or public key authentication is usded.

Public key authentication

Public key authentication is a way of logging into an SSH/SFTP account using a cryptographic key rather than a password.

The advantage is, that no confidential data needs to be sent to the remote host which can be intercepted by a man in the middle attack.

Due to this design concept, SSH-MITM proxy server is not able to reuse the data provided during authentication.

It you need to intercept a client with public key authentication, there are some options.

SSH supports agent forwarding, which allows a remote host to authenticate against another remote host.

SSH-MITM proxy server is able to request the agent from the client and use it for remote authentication. By using this feature, a SSH-MITM proxy server is able to do a full man in the middle attack.

Using agent forwarding, SSH-MITM proxy server must be started with --request-agent.

$ ssh-mitm --request-agent --remote-host 192.168.0.x

The client must be started with agent forwarding enabled.

$ ssh -A -p 10022 user@proxyserver

Intercept git

In most cased, when git is used over ssh, public key authentication is used. The default git command does not have a forward agent parameter.

To enable agent forwarding, git has to be executed with the ``GIT_SSH_COMMAND`` environment variable.

 # start the ssh server
 ssh-mitm --remote-host --request-agent --scp-interface debug_traffic
 # invoke git commands
 GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -A" git clone ssh://git@

Intercept rsync

When ssh-mitm is used to intercept rsync, the port must be provided as a parameter to rsync. Also the agent can be forwarded, if needed.

To sync a local directory with a remote directory, rsync can be executed with following parameters.

 rsync -r -e 'ssh -p 10022 -A' /local/folder/ user@

Further steps

SSH-MITM has some client exploits integrated, which can be used to audit various ssh clients like OpenSSH and PuTTY.

Full Documentation:

Developer website

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16 July 2021

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