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sudo snap install suckit

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SuckIT allows you to recursively visit and download a website's content to your disk.

suckit 0.1.0
CLI arguments

    suckit [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] (url)

    -c, --continue-on-error    Flag to enable or disable exit on error
    -h, --help                 Prints help information
    -V, --version              Prints version information
    -v, --verbose              Enable more information regarding the scraping process

        --delay (delay)                  Add a delay in seconds between downloads to reduce the likelihood of getting banned [default: 0]
    -d, --depth (depth)                  Maximum recursion depth to reach when visiting. -1 is the default and will go as far as it can [default: -1]
    -e, --exclude (exclude)              Regex filter to exclude saving pages that match this expression [default: $^]
    -i, --include (include)              Regex filter to limit to only saving pages that match this expression [default: .*]
    -j, --jobs (jobs)                    Maximum number of threads to use concurrently [default: 1]
    -o, --output (output)                Output directory
        --random-range (random-range)    Generate an extra random delay between downloads, from 0 to this number. This is added to the base delay seconds [default: 0]
    -t, --tries (tries)                  Maximum amount of retries on download failure [default: 20]
    -u, --user-agent (user-agent)        User agent to be used for sending requests [default: suckit]

    (url)    Entry point of the scraping

This is an unofficial package of the SuckIT source which can be found at Made using the snap configuration found at

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Last updated
5 January 2021

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