Taskade - AI Task Lists, Notes, and Chat

Taskade - AI Task Lists, Notes, and Chat

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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sudo snap install taskade

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Discover Taskade, your AI-powered team productivity platform. Boost efficiency with AI assistance for tasks, notes, and mind map

Welcome to the new Taskade app, now equipped with even more AI superpowers! Discover Taskade AI, the second brain for your team that takes productivity to new heights. Gain instant access to AI-powered chat, workflow generators, and intelligent task lists, mind maps, and more. Collaborate in real-time, all for free!

To experience Taskade AI, simply click the magic or robot icon within the app. Unleash the power of AI with the following features:

● AI Workflow Generator: Customize your task lists, mind maps, and projects instantly. ● AI Task and Block: Create new tasks and blocks tailored to your objectives. ● AI Chat Assistant: Engage in conversations with AI right within your projects. ● AI Subtask: Break down large tasks into more manageable pieces. ● AI Brainstorm: Transform your thoughts into actionable steps. ● AI Ask: Get immediate answers to any questions you have. ● AI Outline: Easily create structured outlines for your projects. ● AI Expand: Enhance your content with the help of AI. ● AI Rewrite: Improve the clarity and readability of your text. ● AI Summarize: Generate concise summaries of multiple tasks. ● ... and much more!

Taskade AI, powered by the OpenAI GPT-4 API and ChatGPT, revolutionizes your workflows. Work smarter, not harder, with Taskade AI.

Taskade is your ultimate productivity hub. Smart to-do lists, outlining notes, mind maps in a unified workspace. It's easy, engaging, designed to optimize personal and professional goals.

Perfect for individuals or teams, anywhere. Taskade syncs your data across devices automatically. Supercharge your team with Taskade! Collaborate in real-time, chat, organize, and work together instantly.


• To-Do List Manager • Task Reminders • Mind Maps to plan better • Track Habits and Goals • Create Notes & Outlines • Calendar for your tasks and projects • Search across all folders and workspaces • Beautiful and minimal interface • Elegantly simple, free to use


• Share To-Do Lists with others • Invite team members to workspaces • Create Projects and track team tasks • Chat with team members and work together in real-time • Assign projects & tasks to team members • collaborate with others instantly including guests • Invite and add team members to workspaces • Chat and work together in real-time • @Mention and #Tag projects to organize • Real-time syncing across all your devices for collaboration


• Simple & Minimal Interface • Create beautiful task lists, notes, and outlines • Taskade is completely free to use for individuals and teams


Yes. Taskade is designed to supercharge your team's productivity. Simply share a to-do list project or invite your team members to join a Workspace. You can work together in real-time to manage projects and assign tasks. Get work done faster, smarter.


A workspace is a collection of projects. Workspaces help to keep your task lists and notes organized. Make workspaces collaborative by inviting team members. Team members can edit all projects inside and collaborate in real-time. Team members will also receive push notifications for any updates inside.


There are more creative ways to use Taskade by selecting a template in the app. Taskade is a platform to design your own team productivity system and workflows.

Ready to organize your tasks better and get things done smarter and faster? Download Taskade today!


We’re always listening to feedback. For any feedback, please email us at support@taskade.com or visit https://www.taskade.com/contact


Your feedback helps our team be motivated and do better. If our app has helped you become more productive or has made your life easier anyway, please rate us on the app store.


Visit us at https://taskade.com Privacy Policy: http://taskade.com/privacy Terms of Service: http://taskade.com/terms

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