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Tasks, boards & notes for the command-line habitat

By utilizing a simple and minimal usage syntax, that requires a flat learning curve, Taskline enables you to effectively manage your tasks and notes across multiple boards from within your terminal. All data are written atomically to the storage in order to prevent corruptions. At the moment there are two storage modules. Local storage where your task and are never shared with anyone or anything, or the firestore module, where your tasks are saved in your firestore database and can be shared across all your devices. Deleted items are automatically archived and can be inspected or restored at any moment.


To bind taskline to the alias tl use following command 'snap alias taskline tl'

Highlighted Features

  • Organize tasks & notes to boards
  • Board & timeline views
  • Priority & favorite mechanisms
  • Advanced duedate mechanism
  • Search & filter items
  • Archive & restore deleted items
  • Multiple storage modules.
  • Save date on your local machine at ~/.taskline/storage or
  • Use the firestore module to sync your tasks across all your devices.
  • Lightweight & fast
  • Data written atomically to storage
  • Custom storage location
  • Progress overview
  • Simple & minimal usage syntax
  • Update notifications
  • Configurable through ~/.taskline.json

More informations under https://github.com/perryrh0dan/taskline.

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13 November 2019

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