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Snap to operate the Core Car, which is based on SunFounder Picar-V

This project took the open source code from SunFounder Picar-V (as in video) project and modified it to enable a new UI interface. It also got rid of any Django dependencies. To the best of my abilities it only uses modules available in the Ubuntu archive + pip3. The car itself was modified with a new battery pack (from SunFounder) so as to enable one member of my team (-Ogra-) to design a charging station -facility- . This is all for conference and trade shows but hopefully a few hobbyists can also reuse what I did. TO USE, YOU WILL NEED TO CONNECT INTERFACES, since it is in strict confinement. It is meant to work with Ubuntu Core (tested on Core 22), but Core 22.04 works too. INSTALLATION First, install the snap (snap install core-car). Then, connect your interfaces on Core, otherwise the OS will not give access snap connect core-car:name_of_plug snapd:name_of_slot It should look like this skidooman@core-car~$ snap connections core-car Interface Plug Slot Notes camera core-car:camera :camera manual gpio-memory-control core-car:gpio-memory-control :gpio-memory-control manual home core-car:home :home manual i2c core-car:i2c pi:i2c-0 manual i2c core-car:i2c pi:i2c-1 manual network core-car:network :network - network-bind core-car:network-bind :network-bind - I would then sudo snap restart core-car, and it should work. Skidooman (VP of Field Engineering IoT)

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