Word by Word Game: Adventure

Word by Word Game: Adventure

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Simple, fun and self-educative game to write word after word, based on last 3 letters of last word

Please note: the game is in active development. Actual DevLog is available on https://arenukvern.itch.io/word-by-word-game and in Discord server https://discord.com/invite/y54DpJwmAn

You can see also short video updates by the link below: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz4tcEeusgWJeJO6RvOxOkfD3XE1pDKFg

----- Description ----- Imagine - you want to play with words (and learn some!) but at the same time you want to play some rpg-like runner. If you like this vision - join the game and control the hot air balloon by entering unique words (within the level) based on the last 3 letters of the last word and bring it as far as you can!

This game is developing slowly by solo indie developer - but over the years I'm trying to bring this vision to reality.

Current Features are:

  • There is support for checking words in two languages (Russian and English). But if the word is not in the dictionary - you can add it.
  • You can play together with friends on the same device.
  • Weather - it is random, and every session is unique - you can crash in trees in the beginning, or stale for a minute above the mountain:)
  • The game remembers the progress - if you press the menu (pause button in the center), the current game will be saved and you can continue later.
  • You can learn new words:)

If like this, but feel that the game currently lack of features - keep version of game to check for updates in future:)

## Have an idea, improvements, or bugs?

Join Discord - https://discord.gg/y54DpJwmAn

Have fun and a great time!

Details for Word by Word Game: Adventure

  • MIT

Last updated
  • 5 May 2024 - latest/stable
  • 20 May 2024 - latest/edge



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