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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install zenkit-projects

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Track progress, collaborate with your team, and deliver your projects on time.

The Home of your Projects
See the big picture..
..and the important details
Collaborate with your Team
Deeply integrated

Zenkit Projects helps you to get your projects done - in time and stress free. We support you with all the collaboration and project management features you and your team need to succeed. We are convinced that only software that is really easy to use can help your entire team in the long term, so Projects is built as simply as possible.


  • Our server and team are based in Germany
  • Zenkit is 100% GDPR conform
  • DPA available on request


  • Kanban, Agile, hyper-Agile... Projects supports it all
  • Be communication driven or use a mix of methodologies
  • Choose your favorite methodology or switch at any time
  • Support your work with Kanban, mind maps, tables, calendars, and lists.


  • Plan projects using a Gantt chart & waterfall methodology
  • Set milestones, dependencies, and lag & lead times
  • View and allocate resources effectively across projects
  • Create almost infinite layers of tasks and subtasks


  • Schedule tasks using a global calendar across all projects
  • Track progress across all projects with a global Kanban view
  • Control resources across all projects with global resource planning


  • Generate up to 720 unique reports and smart views
  • Use filters and timelines to drill down into your data
  • Gain insights into project performance
  • Track progress at a glance


  • Groups and roles
  • Extended fields
  • SSO
  • 2FA
  • SCIM-Provisioning

and much more...

For more information visit: https://zenkit.com/projects

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  • 7 October 2021



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