1LimX: encryption & password management

1LimX: encryption & password management

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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Install using the command line

sudo snap install 1limx

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Offline, cross-platform encrypted file, password, information manager

Changelog: https://1limx.com/changelog/

Complete data protection solution

A password management and a text, rich text, file encryption/decryption tool at the same time in a user-friendly way.

100% Security & Privacy

Your data is encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit encryption, ChaCha20-Poly1305, chosen by Google. Everything from setting up your master password, master key to storing your data happens on your device, offline, and is accessible only by you.

Multiple Data Types

Text, rich text, image, file, date, time, 2 factor authentication,... supported.

Fast Encryption

Encrypt gigabytes of data in seconds. It's fast and secure because everything happens offline and is optimized for your device.


No credit card or sign up required, you can just download and enjoy unlimited items, unlimited item custom item fields, unlimited files, and image attachments in items, and more for free.

1LimX is not just an encrypted file or password keeper. It also supports:

Autofill (on mobile).

Auto backup.

Password generator.

Custom text, rich text, files encryption.

Extracting text, date, time from your phone, camera taken or library image and fill in multiple item fields at once (on mobile).

Turn all data, files into 1 single sharable encrypted backup file and preview or restore encrypted data in it on other devices with 1LimX installed there in really fast time.

And many more...


Lots of templates to waste you no more time like Credit Card, Address, Bank Account, Passport, Driver license,... not just password.


1LimX is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android - https://1limx.com/downloads.


We're on a path to open-source the app. Starting with the encryption part, you can find the code here: https://github.com/1limxapp.

How 1LimX encrypts a file: https://1limx.blogspot.com/2023/12/how-1limx-app-encrypts-file.html

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  • Proprietary

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  • 23 February 2024 - latest/stable



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