Releasing your snap

Release UI

Snapcraft allows you to release your snaps either by using the command line tool or the visual interface on our website. If you visit your snap page, you will find a “Release” tab in which you can see which version of your software is released to each channel and architecture. The UI is a simple drag-and-drop table where you can move around the revisions of your snap, until you’re happy, before committing.

If you use our build service all revisions built at the same time will be tagged as a set, allowing you to work on related revisions easily. Built revisions will also automatically be released to the edge channel — no‐hassle continuous deployment.

Announcing updates

Releasing your snap is only the first step - you also need to tell your users about it. On the publicise page there’s information about badges and buttons you can use to help promote and inform users about your snap and it’s status. We provide a badge that appears when your snap is trending on the Store to show visitors to your site that your snap is something to take a look at.