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Table-based International Accounting Applications

Excel inspired, multi-currency and multilanguage double-entry accounting and financial forecasting software. Easily plan and track income & expenses, organize receipts, generate invoices anywhere in the world.

Quick to start: (1) choose a template; (2) customize your accounting plan, (3) enter transactions and the accounting is done.

Access an incredible number of functionalities activating them as you need them, keeping the software simple.

The double-entry method assures professional results, profit & loss, expenses and balance sheets. Link digital documents to your accounting file to access them instantly. Single user only, the software gives you an unsurpassed power and flexibility. You can save files anywhere, locally on cloud or send them by email. The FREE Version, with no time limit, lets you create any accounting file entering up to 70 transactions.

It is perfect for starting, for accounting teaching and learning and as a travel companion. The FREE Version also gives you unlimited use of the Cash Manager and the Time sheet table-based applications. Very affordable perpetual license for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.

Included table-based Accounting Applications for small business, NGOs and individuals worldwide:

  • Cash Manager (FREE UNLIMITED USE) Income & Expense tracking and liquidity forecasting for families and businesses.
  • Income & Expense accounting and forecasting Full plan and accounting control for beginners.
  • Double-entry accounting and forecasting Professional solution for planning, accounting management and controlling.
  • Double-entry accounting with multi-currency and forecasting For those who operate internationally or have companies abroad.

Included table-based Productivity Applications, to enter and edit information very fast:

  • Timesheet (FREE UNLIMITED USE) For time planning and tracking.
  • Fixed assets manager Tax conform, with full historical depreciation data.
  • Library management For managing and keeping track of loans of books and other items collections.
  • Address manager Table-based address management and google contacts editing.
  • CSV and ISO Viewer Drag any CSV or ISO 20022 camt file and see them in table format.

Javascript API lets any programmer extend the software; create invoice layouts, reports or converters for importing any e-bank statements.

Swiss precision product with more than 300’000 licenses sold in over 120 countries. Languages:  English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish.

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4 April 2019

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