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Blix is the ultimate communication tool for your team. It combines email, chat, calendar and contacts in one single app.

Using multiple apps plus email to communicate with your team is tiresome and frustrating. Blix makes managing your team’s collaboration easy, simple, and affordable by organizing it all in one innovative app.

  • Collaborate with your teammates around projects and ideas
  • Faster & smarter - make it easy for your team to stay connected at all times.
  • Real-time messaging & file sharing
  • Safety and security above all

One Messaging App: Streamline your organizational messaging, with a single tap away to switch between your email and chat, interacting via groups and direct messages in real-time. The organization contacts are smartly integrated so you can see who is available. Built on top of BlueMail and leveraging its powerful capabilities, Blix is focused on work accounts and related team members.

Group Mail: For bringing people together, Group Mail enables you to send emails to a group without adding each member individually. You can then start chatting with the same group, to follow on. You can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once.

Share Mail with Group: Got an interesting email in your inbox? Blix new workflow enables you to simply share an email with your workgroup, so that all members of the group can view and comment on it in real-time.

Messaging Bridge: Communicate with external members and utilize your website to communicate with visitors. Using our Messaging Bridge Widget, you can choose whether your visitors will need to reveal their identity or remain anonymous. The Messaging Bridge allows the communication to go directly to your team, where you can handle your customer feedback with ease, providing superior analysis, distribution and response.

Any Email Account: Add your Office365, Exchange, Google, IMAP or POP3 or any other email account.

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19 March 2020

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