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Blur Network Command-Line Tools

Blur Network (blurnetwork)

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Blur Network: The Private Cryptocurrency

If you are running version of Blur, please be advised you MUST update to version v0.1.9.1! This update rolled back the blocks from v0.1.9.0 and changed the mining algorithm at the consensus level. Blocks past 342,000 from that version will not count toward your balance on the network's main chain. Please update as soon as possible. You may cross reference your blockchain's height with [the explorer]( to ensure your blockchain is current.

BLUR is a private cryptocurrency ([website]( that allows users to transact in a way that is secure and verifiable to only the parties they choose. Transaction amounts and participants are obfuscated to protect your privacy.

BLUR features the new Cryptonight-Dynamic v2 algorithm for mining, which adjusts once every second and depends directly upon the previous block's hash. These changes should help to make the algorithm more GPU/ASIC-resistant, as well as to discourage miners from manipulating timestamps in solved blocks.

The Blur Network consists of individuals mining independently on CPUs, without the need for specialized hardware. Take a first-hand role in protecting your privacy, and join the fight for financial freedom.


This package contains CLI tools consisting of a daemon (for network communication) and terminal-based wallet. Users can mine, send, and receive BLUR using these tools, among many other things.

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1 March 2019

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