ColorWall - Browse & Download Wallpapers

ColorWall - Browse & Download Wallpapers

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Free Ultra HD wallpaper for Desktop

ColorWall is a feature rich Desktop wallpaper store, manager, downloader, and application that provides users with a vast selection of high-quality wallpapers to choose from.

Key features of ColorWall:

  • Comprehensive search: Users can search for wallpapers using various criteria such as Colors, Tags, Categories, Resolution, Popularity, Views, and other Rating criterias with the help of the powerful filter tools.

  • Large collection: ColorWall boasts the world's largest collection of online 4k, 8k and Ultra HD wallpapers, allowing users to browse through a vast selection of stunning images and choose the ones that best suit their taste.

  • Cross-platform support: ColorWall supports major desktop environments such as windows, cinnamon, deepin, lxqt, mate, pantheon, kde-plasma-5, unity, xfce4, and even FEH and WAL as supported backends, making it a versatile application that works seamlessly across platforms. (Note: some of these backends may not work if you install ColorWall using sandbox packaging foramts like snap or flatpak)

  • Highly optimized browsing experience: ColorWall features an infinity-scrollable wallpaper browsing viewport that is highly optimized for a smooth and seamless user experience, making it easy to browse through the extensive wallpaper collection quickly.

  • Tabbed browsing User can open multiple tabs to Browse Images with specified filters and parameters.

  • Built-in viewer: With the built-in wallpaper viewer, users can preview wallpapers before downloading them, ensuring that they select only the ones they like.

  • Multithreaded download manager: ColorWall comes equipped with a multithreaded download manager that allows users to download multiple wallpapers simultaneously, saving time and effort.

  • Smart multiple wallpaper selection mode: The smart multiple wallpaper selection mode enables users to select multiple wallpapers they want to download at once letting them download the selection to defined destination to let them create their own wallpaper collections.

  • Smart Image metadata extraction: ColorWall can provide metadata like Dominant color, Subject/theme of wallpaper, and let you search more wallpaper with same metadata.

  • Content filtering: ColorWall provides content filtering options, including an age filter, allowing users to filter out wallpapers that may not be suitable for all audiences.

  • Customizable wallpaper: The downloaded wallpaper can be cropped, scaled, and adjusted to fit any screen resolution, giving users the freedom to create their own custom wallpaper designs.

  • Widget style support: ColorWall offers multiple widget style support with both dark and light mode, allowing users to customize the application interface to match their preferences.

  • High-performance: ColorWall is natively written in the Qt/c++ framework, which delivers high performance with very low system footprint, providing users with a smooth and seamless experience while using the application.

Note: ColorWall will gradually be available in other platforms like Windows and MacOs.

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