C'YaPass - Never type a password again.

C'YaPass - Never type a password again.

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Ubuntu 16.04 or later?

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sudo snap install cyapass

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Never type, memorize or make up a password again. C'YaPass lets you draw your passwords and generates very strong passwords.

C'YaPass allows you to draw your passwords. Just draw one shape and then each of your sites will have a separate and strong password. Everything is stored on your local machine, no worries about password files being stored on the network. None of the passwords are ever saved but instead are generated each time you draw your shape and select your site key.

New In version 1.3.1 You can now back up your encrypted site keys (export) & then import them on any other device where you have CYaPass v1.3.1 or later running.

New In Version 1.4.1 [ Fixed ]Site-Keys are now sorted properly -- (previously uppercased items were in the wrong order) [ Added ] The last Site-Key you used when you exit the app will be selected when you start the app again. Just a convenience feature.

New in Version 1.4.2 When a user exports encrypted sitekeys to remote storage, user will be alerted to how many sitekeys were exported on successful export. On error during export (or import) the user will receive an error message. Previously when the use exported there was no indication that the export had completed and it was confusing.

New In Version 1.4.8 Numerous bugs fixes.
Updated to the latest version of ElectronJS 26.2.1, latest version of Chrome Engine (116.x) and newer Node version (18.16.1) Added new Multi-Hash function - now you can hash your password numerous times. Multi-Hash is another level of security for your passwords. Now, if you set your Multi-Hash to a value (between 1 & 500) the system will hash your password that many additional times so that your final password will be a hash of a hash of a hash...(depending upon the number of times you set the Multi-Hash value). Added RemoveAllSiteKeys functionality so you can use the app on a public computer then remove (destroy) all your SiteKeys so any users after you will not have access to your siteKeys.
This feature (along with the export/import) feature makes it possible to use multiple "sets" of SiteKeys also.

Export SiteKeys When you draw a password, select a sitekey for export password creation then your sitekeys will be encrypted with AES256 encryption & then sent to the default https://NewLibre.com/LibreStore storage area.

Import SiteKeys Next, when you want to retrieve the sitekeys you simply press the [Import SiteKeys] button & draw your password & select the appropriate sitekey again and all your keys will be retrieved, decrypted (using AES256) & imported again.

SiteKeys Are Only Exported If You Run the Option *Note: No sitekeys are exported unless you run the option. The functionality only runs when you manually select it.

Please check out the new screen shots to see how it all works.

Run Refresh to Get the Latest Stable Version Run the following command to get the latest stable version: $ sudo snap refresh cyapass --stable

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