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by Ricardo N Feliciano (felicianotech)

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hub is a command-line wrapper for git that makes you better at GitHub.

As a contributor to open-source

Whether you are beginner or an experienced contributor to open-source, hub makes it easier to fetch repositories, navigate project pages, fork repos and even submit pull requests, all from the command-line.

As an open-source maintainer

Maintaining a project is easier when you can easily fetch from other forks, review pull requests and cherry-pick URLs. You can even create a new repo for your next thing.

Using GitHub for work

Save time at work by opening pull requests for code reviews and pushing to multiple remotes at once. Even GitHub Enterprise is supported.

Hub is made by GitHub. This snap is packaged by Ricardo N Feliciano (FelicianoTech) using the `hub` source code available by GitHub.

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